• Welcome to AutoSales Systems Ltd

    We Provide Dealer Management Software(DMS) to Motor Traders.

    We Are An Independent Family Company.

    Not Tied To Any Group or Finance House.

  • What We Support

    Our Systems support the Invoicing, Stocking and Accounting of Margin, Qualifying & Commercial Vehicles as well as Sales or Return Stock and Commission Deals.

  • Accounting

    We link to Sage™, Xero™ and HMRC VAT Portal.

  • Types of Dealers

    We deal with any business that buys and sells New and Used Vehicles.

    We have Dealers that sell from 50 units per year to 20,000 units per year.

    Typical is a Used Car Dealer selling 200 to 300 units per year.

  • Invoices

    We provide high quality invoices.

    Invoices can be customised to yours requirements, your Logo, your wordings and your T&C’s if required.

    We provide both Paper & Electronic Invoices (pdf’s) emailed directly from the system.

  • Preparation

    We record Preparation costs, tracking your vehicles Written Down Value/Stand In Value at all times.

  • Reporting

    We provide a wide range of Reports and we write bespoke Reports to Customers’ Requirements.

  • Profit and Loss

    We Provide a Profit & Loss on every unit Ordered or Sold. Including Vehicle Cost, Delivery, Indemnity, Prep, Commissions, Options, Bonuses, Warrantees, Tax, Auction Costs, Fees.

  • We support

    Margin Vehicles.

    Commercial Vehicles.

    New Vehicles.

    New Commercials.

    Sales or Return Vehicles.


Our Services


Dealer Management System

Our 5th Generation DMS is built on the lessons from 24 year experience with Motortrade Software. It deals with all the quirks of the Motortrade: Margin Qualifying & New Cars, Finance, PX (as many as you like), Over Allowances, Negative Equity, Sale or Return, Export and Disabled Vehicle, Purchase Price Adjustments. We are told by our customers that it is simple to use, intuitive. It’s integrated both ways with Britain’s most popular accounting systems Xero™ and Sage™. Preparation recorded and VAT Returns done.

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Xero™ & Sage™ Integrations

We offer integrations with both Xero™ and Sage™. Our integration offer seamless, real time, transfer of data to your chosen system. Our integrations are two way, enabling things like invoices to be sent the account system as well as enabling accounts data like contacts or postings to be seen within the DMS. No data is left in limbo between the systems.

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Part & Service

Based around a diary to book in the jobs it enables you to easily see the load on your garage at any time. Stock parts, non-stock parts, labour, fix price labour and fees can all be easily added to the jobs. Jobs can be split between multiple customer – the owner, the insurance company, warranty and internal. All invoice and credit notes seamlessly accounted for and payments posted up in your accounts.

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Key Indicators

We provide multiple reporting tools so that you can access the power of your own data. Let’s start with Key indicators like Stock Turn or Average Profit graphically represented in the system or take it through to the power of bespoke reports written by us to your specification, we have it all.

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Customer Relation Management. From enquiry management through to salesman’s diaries through to reminders through to Christmas card lists & letters together with powerful Salesman’s performance stats report it’s all here.

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Let us power your Website, we provide integration with multiple providers so one point of entry of data, one set of data for your business. Slick SOE optimised site for maximum customer response.

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Telephone support with remote access are our way of doing business, it doesn’t matter how good the systems are without support (and I include training, configuration and even consultancy) the systems is useless. All of our staff are experience, helpful professional people you can rely on.


Making Tax Digital – MTD & General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR

Our systems are compliant with both HMRC’s Making Tax Digital Initiative and General Data Protection

We anonymise Data as required by GDPR

We Encrypt data to the highest standards for your protection

We transfer all VAT data electronically for you to HMRC as they require

We submit VAT returns on line for you

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About US.

For many years, through the 80’s and 90’s, Anchor Computer Systems supplied their Seachange and Motorvator systems to the motor trade. Motorvator in particular became the system of choice for “car supermarkets” supplying all 4 of the largest car supermarkets in the UK at one time.

In the year 2000 this business was sold on to another company which itself went through major changes shortly afterward. At this point it was decided to withdraw from this market.

Stephen Andrews, who had been the sales manager for motor trade products saw the opportunity to re-enter the market producing AutoSales the definitive “Car Sales System” The lessons learnt in the three previous generations of software were put to best use in producing fourth generation.

Our philosophy is a small affordable monthly charge to cover the system, training, data, implementation and support in proportion to the size of your business.

Why do I need a DMS?

Do you know how much profit you made?

The system has calculated it and your accounts are already done in Sage™.

To learn more about what our systems can do for your business contact us for a demonstration!

Imagine you buy car at auction. It costs you £8800 with an indemnity of £94.04. They also deliver it to your premises for a further £80.00. You replace the battery at a cost of £43.99 and have a dent repaired for £50.00. A customer views the car and you agree a sale at £9750. He gives you deposit of £500 to hold the car until next Thursday, when he returns to purchase it. He gives you 2 cars in part exchange, the first is sold on at cost to another dealer for £450.00 the second he insists is worth £3000 though you value it at £2750. You give him an over allowance of £250 to complete the deal. He buys a set of Mats from you for £19.99 that cost you £10.00 and a warranty for 12 months at cost for £163.00. He takes HP on the balance, which pays you a commission of £574.27.

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Please phone us on 01248 208500 for an immediate response (option 1 Sales)

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